Aecern Citizen Scientist

Inspired by the JASON curriculum, Aecern is building a library of free citizen science learning experiences that are designed to encourage standards-aligned authentic scientific research and dialog at school, at home, and in the community.

Each citizen science learning experience is developed around a JASON Mission and includes:

  • A Discovery App for iPad and iPhone that prompts your students to collect and save data in the class, in the lab, at home, or in the field: e.g. a picture of a specific plant, the location of potential pollution sources, the current air temperature, the pH and nitrate levels of a local water source.
  • An online Discovery Notebook where students can review and share their data, and explore data collected by other students around the world.
  • An online Discovery Portfolio where students can access learning resources, and use their data to tackle task-driven learning activities that you assign to them.

We offer professional development training that provides you with hands-on experience using these resources and help you integrate them into your teaching.

To learn more about the Aecern Discovery Apps and Citizen Science Learning Experiences and how to use them in your classroom, contact us via email at "".