2013-2014 Cell Phone Recycling Awareness Contest

During the 2013–2014 school year, students in grades K–12 were invited to participate in a national recycling awareness contest sponsored by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and JASON Learning. The theme of the contest was cell phone recycling awareness. Americans discard millions of cell phones annually. Most cell phones contain precious metals and plastics that can save energy and resources when recycled, but when disposed of improperly, can release toxic materials into the environment. Students considered the following question: How could you convince your friends, relatives, and others to recycle their old cell phones instead of throwing them away?

Out of all the video and poster entries received from across the United States, two entries were selected as grand prize winners; three entries were selected as finalists; and four entries were selected as honorable mentions.The two grand-prize winners — representing the overall best poster and overall best video from all grade brackets — received a trip for the entrant(s) and a parent or guardian to ISRI’s Annual Convention & Exposition held in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 6–10, 2014. All grand prize winners and finalists received a certificate, a full year of JASON online access for the entrant(s) and a parent or teacher/facilitator, and an ISRI t-shirt. All honorable mentions received a certificate and an ISRI t-shirt.

About the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), a Washington, DC-based trade association, represents more than 1,600 for-profit companies — ranging from small, family-owned businesses to large, multi-national corporations — operating at more than 6,000 facilities in the United States and 30 countries worldwide. Our members are manufacturers and processors, brokers and industrial consumers of scrap commodities, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, electronics, rubber, plastics, glass, and textiles. ISRI's associate members include equipment and service providers to the scrap recycling industry. Manufacturers and sellers of equipment and services — such as shredders, balers, cranes, cargo transporters, computer systems, and more — find value in promoting the scrap recycling industry through their membership in ISRI.



Marlowe, Grade 11
Ahnika, Grade 9
Video Grand Prize Winner
South Haven, Minnesota

Elias, Grade 7
Video Finalist
Hampstead Academy
Hampstead, New Hampshire

Isabella, Grade 7
Elizabeth, Grade 7
Video Honorable Mention
Hampstead Academy
Hampstead, New Hampshire

Juan Jose, Grade 12
Video Honorable Mention
New Tech Odessa
Odessa, Texas

Leanza, Grade 7
Poster Grand Prize Winner
Kapolei Middle School
Kapolei, Hawaii

Gabriella, Grade 12
Poster Finalist 
Fort Lauderdale Prep School
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Emily, Grade 4; Bridget, Grade 4
Poster Finalist
Wyoming Seminary Lower School
Forty Fort, Pennsylvania

Reiden, Grade 6
Poster Honorable Mention
Grand Blanc West Middle School
Grand Blanc, Michigan

Colette, Grade 7; Sierra, Grade 7
Poster Honorable Mention 
Hampstead Academy
Hampstead, New Hampshire