Getting Started

Getting started with JASON is easy! We offer a number of classroom, school and district solutions, designed to get you and your students exploring and learning in as little time as possible. Please review our suggested "Steps to Getting Started" below:


Step 1: Sign up for online access to the JASON Mission Center

The online JASON Mission Center contains interactive versions of our award-winning curricula and resources, including articles, videos, games, teacher tools and more.

Step 2: Explore our curricula and resources

JASON offers a variety of award-winning, standards-based curriculum units and educational resources and activities in interactive online versions as well as print. Go to our Curricula page to learn more if you do not already have online access to the JASON Mission Center.

Step 3: Get training!

The JASON Project offers numerous training opportunities for educators. Our Lead Trainers come to your district to conduct one-day or two-day sessions designed to increase teachers' expertise in implementing inquiry-based science curricula, such as JASON, in the classroom.

Learn more about JASON's professional development offerings.

Step 4: Order print curricula if needed

JASON curricula is available online. However most JASON teachers prefer to have at least one print copy of the Student and Teacher Editions, along with our videos on DVD; preferably a classroom set of Student Editions, which can be used year after year. To order curriculum for yourself, your class, or your school, visit our online store.

If you are interested in a custom JASON curriculum package for your school or district, we offer a number of different solutions, including all-in-one curriculum activity kits. Please email us at and we will help you get started!

What next? Spread the word!

If you are interested in hosting a JASON demo or information session for other teachers and administrators in your school or district interested in JASON, e-mail or call us at 888-527-6600.