SharkFinder and Paleo Quest in article by journal Nature!

SharkFinder and PaleoQuest founders included and quoted in this article in the journal Nature. Excerpt below...

"Scientists also have to face the challenge of recruiting volunteers and keeping them engaged. “The science has to be romantic, in a way, so that people want to support the research behind it,” says Jason Osborne, president and co-founder of Paleo Quest, a citizen-science organization focused on palaeontology. Projects have to be interesting, tangible and involve discovery, he adds. In an offshoot of Paleo Quest called SharkFinder, for example, Osborne and co-founder Aaron Alford identify layers of rock riddled with shark fossils and take large samples from river swamps and other remote environments. The researchers then distribute the samples in kits to US classrooms. Any fossils that students discover are sent to the University of Maryland in College Park, where palaeontologists led by Bretton Kent verify the findings. The project currently samples fossil formations along the east coast of the United States, but Osborne hopes to expand his sampling work to Panama and other countries. “You put Panama in the kit, and kids are like, 'Wow, I have a piece of Panama on my desk, and I am looking for fossil remains',” says Osborne, noting that kids also love handling prehistoric fossils. “There has got to be that kind of wow factor.” And if they discover a new species, Osborne's citizen scientists might be named on a publication — or even be given the opportunity to name the species."