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AASA and JASON Learning: A STEM Partnership

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and JASON Learning, an award-winning leader in STEM education, have launched a nationwide partnership to enhance teaching and learning excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This new partnership, which benefits a diverse range of students, uses the latest technology to bring experts from throughout the world to our classrooms.

For the price of less than two science or math textbooks, AASA members can have access to the entire JASON program for a class for a school-year. This package includes curriculum, videos, assessments, support materials and some of the best thinking about STEM.

JASON is used by more than three million students worldwide. A special offer is available for AASA members. These school system leaders can access the entire suite of JASON STEM-based, award-winning products, by visiting the JASON Learning website.

JASON Learning highlights:

  • America’s thought leader in the field of STEM-based, standards-aligned integrated curriculum and assessment courseware. JASON teaches STEM concepts as they apply to the work of fascinating scientists and researchers, encouraging students to envision themselves in these careers. JASON sparks intrinsic motivation to succeed in these challenging subjects where previously students may not have understood their real world applications.
  • Developed in part by scientists and mathematicians at National Geographic, the JASON Mission Center is a robust, cloud-based platform, which encourages students to explore and develop their learning experiences at their own pace through a variety of media resources such as games, videos and digital labs. JASON’s diverse body of resources appeals to all learners, exponentially increasing student engagement.
  • JASON Learning is a nationally acclaimed and disseminated program, whose mission is to increase the learning opportunities for learners both inside and outside of the classroom. Third-party research shows that students engaged in JASON Learning demonstrate an increase in achievement.
  • Results from states, including Texas, Virginia and West Virginia show that students increased scores on both 8th grade assessments in science and mathematics. Exciting results demonstrate sub-groups making statistically significant gains. Student achievement disaggregated shows strong evidence of engagement with all sub-groups.

For more information about the AASA-JASON Learning STEM partnership, contact: Mort Sherman, AASA superintendent-in-residence at / 703-875-0726 or Eleanor Smalley, JASON Learning executive vice president and chief operating officer at / 703-822-7238. For information about sales, please contact Paul Goldstein, AASA-JASON Learning sales consultant at



"The JASON project was one of the most rewarding experiences for me in my educational career. JASON is what true teaching and learning is all about in today’s classrooms."

Edward Toman
Superintendent, Ritchie County (W.Va.) Schools

"The JASON Project, in conjunction with district designed structures, was a catalyst for captivating more student interest in science. As a robust STEM curriculum, it fostered a level of excitement by directly connecting our students with scientists, honing in on their digital gaming skills, and increasing their research capacities. Our 8th grade STAAR Science results were nine points over the state average and we sincerely believe that the JASON Project is significantly helping to close the students’ achievement gap in Alief ISD."

HD Chambers
Superintendent of schools, Alief Independent (Houston, TX) School District
Karen Dupree Jacobs
Secondary science coordinator, Alief Independent School District line

"JASON has energized our middle school science teachers and our students are experiencing real-life—science e science through hands-on experiences and interactions with paleontologists and other scientists."

Mark Henry
Superintendent, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent (Houston, TX) School District
Linda Macias
Superintendent of instruction and accountability, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District