STEM Curricula & Educational Resources

Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) resources: 
  • Inspire students through deep connections to STEM role models
  • Are available as interactive online versions as well as print options
  • Fit within school districts' core curricula
  • Are part of exciting after-school and out-of-school programs
  • Adapt to higher and lower levels
  • Align to state and national standards
  • Include articles, hands-on lab activities, videos, games / digital labs, and other multimedia resources
  • Include customizable lesson plans, extensions, interdisciplinary connections, and other teacher resources for alignment, assessment and more.

JASON's Curricula

JASON's curricula cover core content areas in STEM fields and are designed to be used as replacements for traditional textbooks or as enriching supplemental materials in upper elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms. The multimedia curricula include reading selections, hands-on activities, videos, and online games for students, and lesson plans, implementation tips, and a powerful digital platform for educators. All curricular components are rigorously aligned to national and state science standards along with Common Core mathematics and English language arts standards.
Forces and Motion

JASON's Immersion Learning Curricula

JASON's Immersion Learning curricula focus on exciting, ocean-themed topics in STEM fields. Each curriculum includes reading selections and hands-on activities for students, lesson plans for educators, and complementary multimedia components. Immersion curricula are designed to be implemented in a wide variety of informal and formal education settings such as after-school programs, summer camps, and upper elementary and middle school science classrooms.

JASON Partner Curricula and Activities

Multimedia Components

Coaster Creator, Mastermines, Landform Detectives, Energy City
Videos and Animations
Host Researchers, Mission Briefings, Key Concepts, Events, Closed Captioning
Teacher Tools
Standards Alignment, Lesson Plans, Adaptive and Differentiated Learning
Curriculum Articles
Online Multimedia Articles, Hands on Labs, Field Assignments, Read to Me
Crowdsourcing, Distributed Research
Interactive Programs, Host Researchers, Real Science
Environmental Science, Ship Wrecks, Artwork